Klein Kromhof Extreme Volume Bedding

The extreme volume line products of Klein Kromhof are absolutely one of a kind! A unique product in the industry especially when it comes to equestrian bedding. If you want the best for your horse, Klein Kromhof Extreme Volume Woodshavings is absolutely key!

Vets often inform horse owners that they should prevent for dust in their stables as much as possible. This helps to prevent irritation for both horse and human. All Klein Kromhof woodshavings are dust and bacteria free!

  • Used in the world-wide equestrian industry
  • We run the entire production process in-house, from beginning to end
  • Elastic bedding prevents strain on joints
  • Sky high shock absorption rate
  • Extreme volume shaving, resulting in superior efficiency
  • Dust and bacteria free
  • Beneficial for both human and horse

Klein Kromhof’s extreme volume line of products are absolutely one of a kind!


If you want the best for your horse, Klein Kromhof Extreme Volume Woodshavings are the solution!

Minimizing your horse’s overall health risk!

  1. Dust Free
    Due to the fact that Extreme Volume Woodshavings® are dust free, they will not impair or seriously damage your horse’s respiratory system.
  2. Bacteria Free
    Hygiene is a critical aspect for your horse. Extreme Volume Woodshavings® are made from virgin pine wood and dried at 90 degrees Celsius during production.
  3. Less strain on joints
    Our shavings encourage your horse to lie down and rest! Horses must be able to lie down while they sleep. Our shavings create a natural and clean bed allowing for this.
  4. Ammonia
    Poor bedding and bedding management exposes horses to greater contact with ammonia causing respiratory problems and attacking the overall hoof structure.
  5. Hoofcare
    The large flakes in the Extreme Volume Woodshavings® prevent your horse’s hooves from drying out and cracking.

 Once your horse has tried our product, he/she won’t want to leave it!