Unlock the potential of your bedding solutions with Super Mixed by Klein Kromhof. Our innovative blend combines the best of both worlds – the unmatched volume of Extreme Volume flakes and the timeless quality of Classic shavings. Elevate your bedding experience with this superior blend.

1. Extreme Volume Flakes:

Experience the power of Extreme Volume flakes, engineered to provide maximum coverage and absorption. These large flakes offer superior volume, making them ideal for creating comfortable and supportive bedding for a variety of applications.

2. Classic Shavings:

Embrace the reliability and versatility of Classic shavings. With their consistent size and texture, these shavings provide comfort and stability while maintaining excellent absorption properties. Perfect for creating a cozy environment for your animals or enhancing insulation in construction projects.

3. The Perfect Combination:

Super Mixed brings together the benefits of Extreme Volume flakes and Classic shavings in one convenient blend. By combining the volume of Extreme Volume flakes with the traditional texture of Classic shavings, we’ve created a bedding solution that offers the best of both worlds. Experience enhanced comfort, absorption, and durability with Super Mixed.

4. Elevate Your Bedding Solution:

Whether you’re in the agricultural industry, caring for animals, or involved in construction, Super Mixed by Klein Kromhof offers the perfect bedding solution. Enhance the comfort and well-being of your animals or improve insulation in your projects with this superior blend.


Upgrade your bedding solution with Super Mixed by Klein Kromhof. Experience the perfect combination of Extreme Volume flakes and Classic shavings, delivering unmatched comfort, absorption, and durability. Elevate your projects to new heights with this superior blend.