Our Production process

We run the entire production process in-house, from beginning to end. Our production facility is equipped with the latest professional machines that take care of the entire process. We get the raw materials we use to create our finished goods from several wood processing companies throughout the Netherlands and from countries around. As soon as we have the raw materials at our facility, we process these to both coarse and fine sawdust. We use professional machines to purge, filter, refine and pack our products. When ready, the products are packed and palletised by our robot.

Constantly, efficiently and fast

The raw materials are automatically sorted for coarseness. Even packing the products in bales and palletising the final products is fully automated. This means we are able to work constantly and above all: efficiently. Because we manage the entire production process, Klein Kromhof Houtvezels ensures high-quality finished goods. Please check our portfolio and order the floor coverings you need today. Would you like more information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.