To combine our knowledge together with the latest production techniques we are able to produce a thin but large shaving, which is 100% dust and bacteria free. (due to the drying process).

Regarding the moisture content in the shaving, the extreme volume shaving is to the core dry! Through this new technique, adopted by ourselves, we have created a maximum absorption! Why? Because the curl is thin and remains wide to get a large volume in the stable, which automatically results in minimising usage.

Other Wood shaving products

Of course we do more than the Extreme Volume product only! We can deliver smaller woodshavings as well as saw dust products too. Please have a look at our possibilities:

From left to right:

Extreme Volume: Wood Shavings Products

In the realm of woodworking, where precision meets creativity, the significance of wood shavings cannot be overstated. At Klein Kromhof, we understand the pivotal role that wood shavings play in various industries, from animal bedding to industrial applications. Our commitment to excellence drives us to push the boundaries of innovation, resulting in our Extreme Volume Wood Shavings products.

Unveiling Extreme Volume:

Klein Kromhof’s Extreme Volume Wood Shavings products represent a culmination of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. We’ve engineered these shavings to deliver not just quality, but also unparalleled volume, catering to the diverse needs of our customers.

The Science Behind the Volume:

What sets our Extreme Volume Wood Shavings apart is our proprietary processing techniques, optimized to maximize volume without compromising on quality. Through precision cutting and conditioning, we ensure that each shaving maintains its integrity while contributing to a greater volume yield.

What makes the difference?

  • Double volume
  • The core of the shavings is completely dry, resulting in the shavings being highly absorbent.
  • Added moisture makes some shaving bags heavier, affecting the overall weight of the bag.
  • Therefore, the spreading volume of shavings is the most accurate measurement! Higher spreading volume allows higher absorption areas.
  • Therefore product is used more efficiently and up to 50% less is thrown out.
  • Shavings that are soft and have sufficient volume provide better cushioning on the legs of horses.

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